The KINETIC MOBILES COPENHAGEN project is a collaboration between Stine Bloch Tranekjær and Kenneth Gyde Poulsen. Kenneth has previously worked in various positions within the Danish design industry. Stine holds a master degree in spatial colour perception from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Design, and together we make handmade kinetic mobiles from metals as iron, brass and copper.

The KINETIC MOBILES COPENHAGEN project springs from our common interest in the works of fine artists Alexander Calder (US), Ib Geertsen (DK) and Bruno Munari (IT). To us, the KINETIC MOBILES COPENHAGEN Project revolves around an ambition to visualize the air currents that a given space possesses. The mobiles are brought to motion and elegance via the lever bar principle, intervening in the room and displaying the slow invisible thermal movements of the air. The mobiles thus tell the viewer something universal that she/he usually cannot see. In addition, the combination of colour, line and movement of the mobiles has a marvellous inherent cognitive stimulating effect. Depending on shape, colour and pattern of movement, the mobiles can calm and/or move the viewer.

The mobiles from the KINETIC MOBILES COPENHAGEN project are made in our small local studio on the Copenhagen island of Amager, where we make each mobile by hand. Some of the mobiles are made to hang from the ceiling and others rise from a foot made from concrete. We offer various mobiles to choose from and all are made to order and as a customer or buyer, you are always welcome to visit the Kinetic Mobiles Copenhagen studio where it is also possible for both private customers and companies to acquire custom made mobiles made to fit specific measures and rooms. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

The KINETIC MOBILES COPENHAGEN project is kindly supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship.